Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Show Stoppers - Intermission

Just a quick note while I work on the next post. As I have often said, one needs to make a distinction between biblical history and biblical teaching. It is clear in biblical history (as well as most of the history of the church) that authoritarian patriarchy and misogyny have been and continue to be the predominant patterns of human behavior, particularly in males. The mistake that is often made is to interpret those behaviors by flawed, fallen humans, as a godly concept or design. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because people did it, doesn't mean that God wants them to do it. As we transition from the Old Testament into the New in the Show Stoppers series, please remember that what we are searching for is God's desire for humans. We will not find that in the tendencies and treacheries of man as reflected by biblical (and church) history. No, we must in most cases discard history as a basis for behavior (except when it shows us what not to do) and instead look to what the bible teaches in proverbs, psalms, and the inspired instruction of the apostles to the church

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