Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thoughts on Gov. Palin

Of course, the temptation is to write about the weekend and the media's vetting of Gov. Palin. But I think most of that will blow over. The real "rub" of Sen. McCain's choice to me is what a risk it is; typical for John McCain, but somewhat unsettling for the Republican party. Will this turn out to be the greatest political coup of all time, or the most monumental blunder? Time will tell. Some questions it brings to my mind:

Although certain to encourage the general conservative base, how will it impact conservative Christians who harbor patriarchal qualms about females in leadership?

How will this play to Clinton feminists, given the stark divergence of Gov. Palin's anti-abortion stance with the desire feminists have for a female leader and their anger over the primary?

Does Gov. Palin's relatively meager political experience, even though it is as an executive, actually play against the experience mantra that has come out from the McCain campaign up until now?

These questions and certainly many, many, more will be the real test (as opposed to the silly diversions being pursued currently by the media) of perhaps the riskiest political decision ever made.

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